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Health Insurance for US Vets Lacking

Health Insurance for US Vets Lacking

The healthcare crisis in the United States has swept up some of its most respected and honored citizens, veterans. Most Americans would agree that these former soldiers who have put their lives in harm's way for the good of the country deserve adequate healthcare. However, as many in the U.S. are experiencing difficulty affording coverage, U.S. vets are no exception. While no person should have to go without insurance, it is especially harrowing to find that the individuals who have sacrificed for this country and are deserving of the utmost respect, are not given their due.

Uninsured Vets: By the Numbers

  • 2 million - The number of U.S. veterans that lack an adequate policy. Without serious policy changes, this number is likely to grow.
  • 290,000 - The increase in uninsured veterans between 2000 and 2004.
  • 3.8 million - The estimated number of veteran household family members that also lack coverage.
  • $30,000 - The income threshold at which an individual will no longer be able to receive services from a VA facility.
  • 26.5% - The percentage of uninsured servicemen and women that say they can't get medical care because of costs.
  • 66% - The number uninsured and are employed.

Why is This Happening?

As the numbers above suggest, this phenomenon is a wide ranging problem that has its roots in the larger wellness crisis facing the United States. However, convoluted and outdated policies put in place by the VA do not adequately protect those servicemen and women who cannot afford a policy and yet still make more than the income threshold established by the VA. Complicating the problem, the VA has faced its own share of problems and may not be providing adequate protection, even to those who do have access. While there is an obvious need for policy shifts to provide coverage to servicemen and women and the larger populace, there may be other options for those without insurance. If you are a former serviceman or woman or an average citizen without a policy, you are encouraged to research all your options. Quality policies may be more affordable than you thought.

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