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So, What Exactly is Health Insurance?

Know The Basics Before You Buy.

You are here because you want to know all you can about health insurance, right? It is a subject that requires your involvement. If you put in the time and effort to understand the ins and outs, it will reward you with the best coverage possible. The more you know about it, the more you will be able to help yourself. Having a plan is important for your family's well being also. Nobody within your family should be left out in the dark when it comes to learning more about the topic. Use these blogs to gain some valuable knowledge. You and your family will depend on it.

The best place to begin is with the basics. The basics will set this process in motion. If you become an expert at the basics you will get a head start on the buying process. We realize that the basics can be boring, or you might think that you know all about them already. It never hurts to have a refresher on some of the information. The basics will give you an insight into how the rest of the process will go, and what you can do to make sure it works perfectly in your life. These blogs want to take you back to some of the basics. Put in as much time and energy as you wish.

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Where You Live: An Overview of Premiums in Your Area

Everyone knows that homeowner’s and auto insurance premiums depend heavily on where you live. However, few people realize that pricing also very much depend on your geographical location. Of course, if you purchase a private plan, your coverage will more than likely ...

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What is Universal Health Care?

With all the talk about health care these days have you ever stopped and thought about the different plans that are being discussed? Well, in order to make sure that you are always ahead of the game you must know what is being talked about and how it could affect you. The following is a li...

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Moral Hazard: Case Study

"Moral hazard" is a term used quite a bit in the industry, but very few of us actually know what it means and how it may apply to us. Read on for a compelling case study outlining the ins and outs of moral hazard.

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Divorce and Your Coverage

Are you currently going through the divorce process? It's a difficult time and health insurance is usually the last thing on your mind. However, it's something that needs to be addressed by both parties, as coverage is typically provided by one person for the entire family through their job....

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What You Don’t Know about Health Insurers

So you've studied your policy front and back – you know all about deductibles, exclusions, and co-payments, but there's probably a lot more you don't know about your provider. That's because insurers have more than just a few secrets. There's plenty of ...

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How Much of Your Money Goes to Health Care?

Well, it is almost time to pay your health care bill for the month. Paying bills is something that none of us ever enjoy and it really makes us take stock in what is going on. This might even make you wonder how much of your income actually goes towards paying your plan. This is a valid ...

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