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Why John McCain's Health Care Plan Will Work

Why John McCain's Health Care Plan Will Work

Health care and health insurance issues have been at the forefront of the race for the White House in 2008. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain have all proposed different plans to fix our system. In this series we will discuss the pros and cons of each health plan. Read Why John McCain's Health Care Plan is Sure to Fail.

You're In Control

John McCain's idea centers on restoring control of the people who will be using the insurance: the patients. Everybody needs preventative treatment and care and McCain does not want you to be limited by where you work or how much you make.

The McCain vision will not limit you to insurance that is in your state. If you choose to go across state lines for treatment, you are free to do so. This option will help meet people's needs better and, due to greater competition, help control pricing. You will not be limited to employer based coverage, if you choose not to be insured by your employer you will receive a refundable credit in order to help with the costs of treatment. This will allow you and your family to choose what coverage you think is best for you.

Under his plan there is a model that all states can follow. This model will be known as the Guaranteed Access option. This would help establish a nonprofit corporation that would contract out insurers who would specifically work with those who have been denied insurance. This corporation would help to eliminate some of the overhead costs and enlarge the pools of treatment options available.

Lower Drug Prices

His approach will not deny those without prior coverage or those who have some pre-existing medical conditions. It will look to lower drug prices by bringing more competition to the drug markets. This will be done with the introduction of more generic drugs. Often times helpful drugs are grossly overpriced while the corporations who invented them control the patent on them, only after the patent expires are generic drugs, which have the same effects, introduced into the market.

75% of the Nation's health bill each year is because of chronic conditions. The McCain vision is set up to help provide cheaper protection and better quality for these diseases. The advancements in technology are ever growing and must be used to help expedite the process. His vision also encourages state experimentation.

Final Word

John McCain calls his plan a "Call to Action". He plans to reform the entire process to make insurance more innovative and affordable. Ensuring care for higher risk patients and lowering costs are a must. It is a long term challenge that McCain says he is ready to take on, and his approach seems like it will be able to accept this challenge.

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