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Why Hillary Clinton's Health Plan Will Work

Why Hillary Clinton's Health Plan Will Work

Health care and insurance issues have been at the forefront of the race for the White House in 2008. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain have all proposed different plans to fix our broken system. In this series we will discuss the pros and cons of each plan. Read why Hillary Clinton's Health Plan Will Not Work.

Why Hillary Clinton's Health Plan Will Work

Hillary's vision (or should we call it Hillary-Care?) offers the "Guarantee of Quality Coverage". What exactly does this mean?

The key to her approach is that all Americans will have the option of receiving the same coverage as a member of Congress. Her vision will make sure that no American is ever denied insurance, renewal or gets priced out of the market. She also doesn't want Americans paying high premiums. Her approach calls for an end to hidden taxes and a start to modernization, all of which is aimed at improving costs. A major problem with the current system is: if one loses their job they lose their medical benefits. Under her direction, those who lose their job will be able to keep their policy.

Clinton's program wants everybody to take responsibility. She wants to put an end to insurance companies discriminating based on pre-existing conditions or expectation of illness. She plans to call on employers to help fund her vision. Large employers will be expected to provide insurance for their employees, or at the very least contribute to the cost of coverage. Smaller employers will be given a tax credit in order to assist workers. The government will regulate policies in order to make sure that they remain affordable and never become a large burden on families. Families will receive a refundable tax credit to help them acquire higher quality coverage. These tax credits will prevent premiums that exceed a certain portion of the family's income.

The Five Main Points of the Clinton Health Proposal

  1. New Coverage Choices and Plans for Insured and Uninsured
  2. An Increase in Security and a Decrease in Security
  3. Shared Responsibility
  4. Affordable Coverage for All Americans
  5. A Financially Reasonable and Responsible Option that Honors America's Priorities.

Final Word

The quality and modernization of Hillary's proposal will reduce wasteful spending. Millions of American citizens will receive tax credits and be able to afford premiums. Overall, this vision looks to eliminate any exclusion that has come about from the current plan.

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