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Why Barack Obama's Health Care Plan Will Work

Why Barack Obama's Health Care Plan Will Work

Health care and health insurance issues have been at the forefront of the race for the White House in 2008. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain have all proposed different plans to fix our system. In this series we will discuss the pros and cons of each option. Read why Obama's plan won't work.


Barack Obama's vision is built on choices. It will not restrict you to just national or private health care. His vision is to make both of these options accessible to you. His idea has the same key buzz points as most others: care available to everyone, the same policies as members of congress and no American will be turned down because of their pre-existing conditions. He also wants to make premiums, deductibles and co-pays more affordable. He wants to make enrollment easier and access instant to this protection.

You can also choose to purchase private insurance. There will be new rules and practices set forth to help control the private sector, which will have the same standards as public options. Obamacare also recognizes that some states have done well in their own implementation. His plan will not stop the current efforts of these states and will look to build on them. His idea will also allow for state experimentation.

Employers Held Responsible

If an employer does not assist employees with a helpful contribution towards coverage, they will have to contribute a percentage of their payroll towards the national plan. Some smaller business may be exempt from this part of the proposal. Obama's idea will also protect you if you switch jobs. If you switch jobs you will not have to worry about jeopardizing your existing coverage.

His vision will protect private insurers from catastrophic medical expenditures that have been the cause of high medical expenses in recent years. The proposal would help out these insurers by reimbursing them for a portion of the catastrophic costs that come about, if they promise to reduce the cost of premiums.

The Final Word

This proposal looks to eliminate wasteful spending when found. The money that is saved will be put back into the policy. The plan will also require doctors, hospitals and providers to publicly report their costs in a measure to improve quality. He also stresses coverage for children. All children will be required to have some sort of policy, and young people will be able to stay on their parents' plan until they are 25.

Barack Obama's Plan for a Healthy America

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