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Will Obama Get Me Health Insurance Any Time Soon?

Will Obama Get Me Health Insurance Any Time Soon?

With millions of Americans going without coverage, one of the cornerstone promises of the Obama Campaign to improve and make available insurance for all has been very much in the spotlight lately. Some are wondering whether Obama can deliver in the current financial situation. Others are more confident and moving forward and making plans to take advantage of the policy once it kicks into effect. If you are one of the millions of uninsured, you may be wondering if you should bother looking into a policy of your own any time in the near future.

What Obama Has Planned

Well, primarily, the Obama-Biden plan makes coverage more available and affordable to Americans by making key changes to the healthcare, pharmaceutical and insurance system in the nation. It is not a fully socialized medicine system run by the government such as exists in France, Canada or Australia. Obama's approach will essentially:

  • Require carriers to cover pre-existing conditions
  • Create a Small Business Health Tax Credit to help small businesses provide policies to their employees.
  • Prevent insurers from overcharging doctors for their malpractice policies.
  • Make employer contributions more fair by requiring large employers that do not offer coverage or make a meaningful contribution to the cost of quality care for their employees to contribute a percentage of payroll toward the costs of their employees health care.
  • Establish a National Health Insurance Exchange with a range of private options.
  • Create a new public option based on benefits available to members of Congress that will allow individuals and small businesses to buy affordable plans.
  • Ensure everyone who needs it will receive a tax credit for their premiums.

What Does This Mean For You?

Well, it doesn't mean that if you are unemployed and expecting new, free coverage you should hold your breath for it anytime soon. The Obama-Biden idea essentially will make policies easier to get, more affordable and with more options than are currently available. That is, of course, assuming that his plan is successfully implemented. At any rate, no changes will be coming any time in the very near future, so if you were holding out on buying your own policy you'd probably better not wait. When Obama's plan is put into action, it will provide relief on the premiums you are paying and give you new options, but until then, keeping up with a plan that offers the most coverage for the least amount of money is the best way for you to go.

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