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Sarah Palin - A Disaster for American Health Care?

Sarah Palin - A Disaster for American Health Care?

John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate literally rocked America. It caused the nation to scramble for information on her, made her the most famous Alaskan citizen ever and introduced the term "hockey mom" to the American public. How will her views on health care affect the American public? Alaska's purchase was originally known as Seward's Folly, the selection of Sarah Palin as VP may very well be McCain's Folly.

Free Market

Sarah Palin is for free market insurance, basically the same system we currently have right now. You know, it's the one that doesn't work and denies millions of poor people protection. She has the benefit of receiving a government funded plan but she is in favor of denying that same type of coverage to 46 million uninsured Americans.

In her ultimate act of free market insurance, she voted against Alaska's Certificate of Need program. The program requires hospitals to get government approval to expand or create new property. The CON plan restrains facility costs and allows for coordinated planning of new construction and services. By voting against Alaska's CON program and being in favor of free market care, she is stating that care is an economic product that is subject to market forces. Basically, she believes care is no different than your local retail outlet. Can't afford it, tough luck! Maybe there will be a day after Thanksgiving sale.

Gun Control

Do we really need a gun toting woman with a lifetime membership to the NRA having a major hand in our policies? Sarah Palin has aligned herself with the Alaskan Independence Party, whose gun control motto is: Gun control is hitting your target. She is in favor of gun-safety education for children. She wants to arm our children to teach them gun safety, but if there is an unfortunate accident during one of these sessions the proper insurance is only going to be administered to people that can afford it. I'm not really sure what the policy is up in Alaska or what goes on during one of her moose hunting trips, but if we are going to arm everyone in America without restriction, can we at least give everyone in America proper coverage without restriction?

Her plan truly is a bridge to nowhere.

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