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The Effects of the Massachusetts Legislation

The Effects of the Massachusetts Legislation

Massachusetts passed a landmark health insurance law that they are hoping is going to be a standard that the rest of the country can follow. If you have not heard about this legislation then we want to help you become a bit more familiar with how it will work. Then we want to discuss some of the effects of the new law in the state. Medical coverage is a big topic of discussion these days. Make sure that you know as much as possible about it so you can be prepared when this topic arises in your life. It is a very important issue.

Basics of the Mass. Heath Reform

If you live in the state then you have to have coverage by the end of the year (2007) or you will face a penalty when it is tax time. Businesses that have at least 11 employees must make sure that they pay a fair share of the cost of a policy or they will face penalties. If you cannot get care then there are free, subsidized programs that will help you with it.

The Results of This Law

When it was all said and one, 95% of people who filed taxes were covered by some sort of coverage. There were around 86,000 people who paid a penalty because they did not have a policy, with about 6,000 of those people opting to appeal this penalty. The implementation of the law led to over 300,000 new people on programs that were not on anything in the previous year. The general consensus among local officials was that the law was working and more people were being helping then ever. This information was only gathered from the first round of income tax returns filed.

How Your State is Affected

Now this may not directly affect you because you live elsewhere, but take note of it. If one method works for a particular state then other localities might follow suit. The other states may adapt the Massachusetts plan to fit their own jurisdiction better. Just note the effects of this plan because you could see it in your area soon. If you do want this, or you do not want this, then let your officials know. Let them know what you want and how you think this can be achieved.

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