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Uninsured Patients Dying From Cancer

Uninsured Patients Dying From Cancer

A recent study yields some disturbing new results for those uninsured in the United States. In a wide ranging study which included information from thousands of cancer centers across the U.S., it was found that uninsured patients and those on Medicaid were more likely to receive a late diagnosis for certain types of cancer. The number of Americans who are not insured is quickly approaching, or may have already surpassed, the 50 million mark. It has been known for some time that Americans without coverage are more likely to die than those with insurance. As more information becomes available, the gap between Americans with insurance and those who don't have it becomes ever-more apparent. This recent study adds to the pile of evidence that your policy plays a significant role in the quality of care you will receive. If you are currently uninsured, your health and ultimately you life, may be in danger.

Cancer: Early Diagnosis Key to Survival

It is well established that the earlier you are diagnosed with particular types of cancer, the better your chance of survival. While any kind of cancer diagnosis is scary, it is the late diagnoses that are the most life-threatening because, generally, the cancer has had more time to grow and spread to other parts of the body, making treatment difficult or impossible. Many cancers are indeed treatable in their earlier stages. This study shows that uninsured patients are 60% more likely to die than patients who are covered, indicating that there is a breakdown in the type or quality of care when in comes to patients without coverage. Although the exact reasons for this breakdown are unknown, it is clear that your coverage status is a determining factor in your prospects for long-term health and happiness.

There is Hope for the Uninsured

While you can certainly wait for politicians and Washington lobbyists to come up with a solution to the healthcare issues facing Americans, there are steps you can take today. A quality plan may be more affordable than you think. With proper research, you may be able to find the right company that can give you peace of mind for a price that you can afford. What is clear is that not having coverage places your life, your health, and your future in danger. While it is impossible to place a value on your life, most would agree it is worth more than the cost of a well-appointed plan.

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